Group Show "Abstract 2017"

Artists Statements

Brian Kelly (USA)

Artist Statement: My work employs an organic, expressionistic approach to natural forms, which is at once lively, colorful and rich in paint application.

It is my belief that a work of art should reflect an artists, personality and act as a bridge into his or her spiritual life. That is why I have chosen abstraction as a means of expression. I feel that an expressionistic art requires an intellectual reading that cannot be discerned by any conventional means of looking. It needs to be felt and requires a private dialogue between viewer and painting with the experience being largely meditative.

In my abstractions my aim is to present the viewer with a sense of the energy and flow of landscape elements but not resorting to realism, which I feel tends to limit a viewer's dialogue with the paintings.

email: briankelly723@mail.com
Web: briankellyartist.com


Carter Flachbarth (USA)

Artist Statement: Through this recent series, I hope to bring traditional religious iconography into the contemporary art realm. Religious iconography holds an immense weight on all of artistic history, which creates a strong platform to hold questions of equality, gender issues, and power struggles.

email: c.e.flach1@gmail.com
Web: instagram.com/carterflack_art


Doreen McNeill (New Zealand)

Artist Statement: For me the process and joy of painting is more important than the result and it is the pleasure of making marks in colour that unleashes my creativity.

email: doreenmcneill3@gmail.com
Web: doreenmcneill.co.nz


Haya Ogura (Japan)

Artist Statement: I am making works with the concept Price Action Painting. Price Action Painting is Price action painting is a painting based on forex market data (price action). These images are made up of free indicators (market analysis program) on the forex charts.Everything in the world is involved in the market.Human, economic, incident, nature, desire, death, etc.Various elements draw this line.Nobody can control price action, so accidental line are born.

Monthly series is a painting based on the monthly market.Color, shape, composition, etc. are entrusted to the daily market.I am using about 26400 layers.

email: haya_ogura@outlook.jp
Web: hayaogura.jimdo.com


Jakub Pasierkiewicz (United Kingdom)

Artist Statement: I was born in Poland in 1980 and graduated from the University of Silesia with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2005.

I use my camera to transfer and materialise the emotions which develop in my mind, the excitement caused by encountered reality. Sometimes the photos can abstract from reality, showing different aspects of colours and forms, whereas other times they can simply reflect certain situations taking place in front of my camera.

email: iakupp@gmail.com
Web: kubap.com


Jesse Thomas (USA)

Artist Statement:

email: jessejames.thomas@gmail.com
Web: jessethomaspainting.com


John Merlino (USA)

Artist Statement:

email: jgmart4u@gmail.com
Web: merlinocreations.biz


Judith Visker (USA)

Artist Statement: My art work starts with imagery of buildings as my visual signifiers. As I continue the shapes and colors become the most important and the imagery fades until I am content with the object I have created and often have very little remaining of my initial painting.

email: viskersouth1@yahoo.com
Web: judithviskerart.com


Kate Zimmer (USA)

Artist Statement: My paintings are visual manifestations of an internal journey made external. I begin a painting with a gestural under-drawing and color that resonates with me that day. As the painting evolves, a conversation begins to take place in which each choice informs the next. This discovery process of starting from one thing and evolving into another is exciting to me. t is a dialogue that is spontaneous and intuitive, and a kind of self-reflection - like looking in the mirror - and a way of finding my own identity as a painter and a person. Through the use of color and gestural mark-making as a means to show energy and movement, my art seeks to inspire feeling, and at the same time is interesting and beautiful.

My art-making process is very meditative and a means of getting out of my own way and losing myself in a journey where the destination is unknown, yet eventually found. It is a practice of self-discipline, letting go of fear and judgment, and the willingness to step outside my comfort zone.

email: katezimmer.art@gmail.com
Web: katezimmer.com


Keith Parks (USA)

Artist Statement:

email: keith@keithparks.com
Artist Website: keithparks.gallery


Kumi Hirose (USA) - "Grant Recipient Abstract 2017"

Artis Statement: My perspectives of arts is to express human events through paintings various emotions, thoughts, distress, anger, sadness and pleasure happening around me by deforming and restricting the chaotic world. My works of art are complex and mystical in a way, which come from my everyday existence that comprise dreams, imagination, memories and experience.

Painting pictures to me may be a way to escape from these realities and to get free from stress I feel.

My influences are people around me, friends, family and even acquaintances regardless
of racial background. Everyday interaction with others is very important to me because that is where i get inspiration from that includes ordinary and shocking things in life. I am very emotional and painting helps me everyday.

email: kumimi.art315@gmail.com
Web: kumi-hirose.com


Lee Musgrave (USA)

Artist Statement: My constructed abstract photography highlights an ephemeral world that reflects upon something vulnerable while speaking to the very nature of our consumer centric existence. They are cropped images of used bits and pieces of paper, plastic and wire that were tossed onto my studio work table allowing them to fall where they may. Thus, they merge random occurrence with conscious creation in pursuit of elegance within chaos.

Further, I favor a visual language that explores and refines the shallow picture plane and cropping accentuates that preference.

email: lee@leemusgrave.com
Web: leemusgrave.com


Nancy Wickum (USA)

Artist Statement: I was raised in Midwestern farm country near the banks of the Mississippi River and spent most of my childhood exploring the creeks, hills, fields, and forests surrounding our family farm. The inspiration for my work is the indelible memory of the land and the forces that shaped it, both human and natural.

The paintings are abstract interpretations derived from an aerial or scenic perspective of land formations....the farms, the fields, the water....at different times of the year. The work attempts to capture the reflective quality of light moving over water in contrast to the static nature of land forms. The landscape image is reduced to subtle color fields defined by heavily etched lines. The Aftermath series explores the visual impact of ravaged landscapes after severe storm devastation.

email: nancywickum@gmail.com
Web: nancywickum.com


Raquelle Andazola (USA)

Artist Statement:

Lisa McMahon - (United States) Fine Art Photograper

email: raqandazola@gmail.com


Rikardo Druskic (Bosnia - Herzegovina)

Artist Statement: Technique for this work is acrylic on canvas.

email: druskic.branka@gmail.com
Web: rikardodruskic.com


Soteris Roussi (USA)

Artist Statement: My approach to painting has acquired its own presence as a vocabulary independent of explicit figurative imagery, becoming the visual expression of creative energy. I aim to construct theatrical juxtapositions of shapes, colors and marks. Rejecting, over-painting, scraping, scratching and burnishing the painted surface generates pictorial issues. Each composition emerges organically as I literally draw with paint, the initial random marks eventually forming into clusters of rendered dilemmas, entanglements. It is in the course of negotiating with the dissonance that I engage, scuffle, reconcile and proceed forward. The quasi metaphorical forms and inferred graphic references are competitors on the painting's surface, participating in contentious debates. Create then reject. Rebuild, reject then create again. I have inexhaustible possibilities to explore and limitless configurations to encounter. In the end, and by the same token, the finished painting affords the observer an open-ended invitation, a visual legacy, with which to engage, decipher and construe according to their own perception.

email: sam.roussi45@gmail.com
Web: samroussi.com


Thomas McKee (USA)

Artist Statement:

email: tpmckeeart@gmail.com
Web: tpmckeestudio.com


Viktoria Romanova (USA)

I respond to beautiful color relationships and particular light keys in a painting that expresses a certain mood or feeling. I work with the full palette because people see the world in the full color spectrum.

For the past 8 years, geometry dominates in my artwork. Working with paper collages, geometry became the way to simplify shapes and to be more direct. The geometrical shapes create a certain structure for my compositions as well. Currently, I do the same type of work, except without paper and scissors, only using oil and brushes directly on canvas. I use a thin paint application with hard edges and I eliminate texture completely in order for colors to be the main focus.

The excitement of experimentation has always been a motivating force. I am not, strictly, a studio artist because in order to go deep into colors, it is important to work outdoors. Only under natural light conditions, the most magical color and light discoveries can be made.

email: v.romanovastudio@gmail.com
Web: viktoriaromanova.studio


Yuri (You-li) Hyun (USA)

Artist Statement: Yuri was born and grew up in South Korea.
She graduated with a Communication Design BFA degree from Hong Ik University in Korea and she had pursued Illustration MFA degree in Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2016. Since then, she has been working as an artist based in San Francisco Bay Area and has been joining many art shows and exhibitions throughout The States.

She loves drawing with her own perspective and unique way. She has developed a whimsical aesthetic primarily employing ink pen in her graphic and sometimes abstract illustrations. Especially many of her drawings are very detailed pen art inspired by her imagination which is like surrealism world.

email: rlffudem@gmail.com
Web: drawingflow.com


Zi Moreira (USA)

Artist Statement: My work is about metamorphosis, serenity, and the transformative power of nature. Growing up on a small farm in Brazil I was energized by nature The natural world should not frighten us or make us feel insignificant, it should empower us, as a breathtaking latticework of life that includes ourselves; it should invigorate us, as a vast treasury of forms and beauty; and it should calm us, as it shifts and morphs to find equilibrium and balance. I've always been preoccupied with the joyful possibility inherent in new beginnings, and this has become even more pronounced in my work since my move to the United States. My spirit guides my hands as I paint, and I hope that when people view my artwork it will heal their souls and lift their spirits to another level of existence, free of pain, sorrow, and fear. My art is for anyone who believes in evolution, transformation, of human being. Artists can't change the world, but if my art can change even one mind and soul it's a beginning a metamorphosis.

email: rjmoreira@Dow.com
Web: zimoreira.com