G25N's "Black & White Photography"


Madiha Abdo - United Kingdom

Artists Statement:
In this architectural shot I have tried to capture from above the interior of a big hall, partly lit by natural light to produce contrasting geometric black and white sections that appeal to the viewer. Great natural lights and beautiful or interesting views unseen before can act to inspire me.

email: madiha_745@hotmail.co.uk


Erik Brede - Norge

Artists Statement:Erik Brede is a Photographer and Photoshop artist, born in 1971 in Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands, Norway. After getting his first camera at the age of 13, he spent much of his time in his fathers darkroom, and post-production have always been an important part of his workflow.

With a conceptual approach, Brede tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way to produce a link between the landscape?s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on concrete questions that determine our existence. His landscape and surreal work has been influenced by such artists as Ansel Adams and Rene Magritte.

His work have been sold to television company, record industries and artists, and published in books like The Best of Photography 2014, The Best of Photography 2015 and International Contemporary Artist vol. X.

His favourite quote is You dont take a photograph, you make it. - Ansel Adams

email: brede@live.com
Web: www.erikbrede.com


YiYun Chang - Taiwan

Yiyun Chang was born in Chiayi City, Taiwan, 1974. Her photographic subjects are very wide range. She had received Taiwan's numerous Photography Awards, Currently she is a freelancer, photography competition review ,and teaches photography at University Photography Club.

email: yi.chang0414@gmail.com
Web: www.yiyun-chang.com


Dianne English - Australia

Artists Statement: An amateur photographer, loving every aspect of what my camera captures.

email: dizel@bbsol.com


Ian English - Australia

Artists Statement:

email: ian@bbsol.com


Raphael Eyraud - France

Artists Statement: Fascinated by the travel picture, I try to understand life with portraits, life scenes and landscapes which allows me to keep the look of childhood.

email: eyraud65@gmail.com
Web: www.raphaeleyraud.com


John Gafford - USA

Artists Statement: I am interested in the power of the still image to tell a story, capture a mood or moment in time, or simply to show the beauty of the world around me. Even though the world around me is filled with color, I can often bring more meaning to the image when its presented in black and white.

email: jgafford01@yahoo.com
Web: www.johngaffordphotography.com


Carille Guthrie - USA

Artists Statement:I endeavor to give my viewers pause with my pieces. In this moment, the viewer is forced to examine what this little girl is going through, what circumstances lead her to where she is, and how the rest of her journey might end. She is a refugee, just arrived in Ethiopia from South Sudan and her future is uncertain. One can only hope that the struggles she’s faced in the past are surmounted and they will help mold her in to a strong and amazing woman.

email: carille.guthrie@gmail.com
Web: www.carilleguthrie.com


Scott Hoyle - USA

Artist Statement:Scott Hoyle is a graduate of Kendall College of Art & Design. After a thirty five year career as an Illustrator/Graphic Designer, he is focusing his creativity on fine art photography.

In the last few years, Scott has received recognition and awards including The Fence 2013 and 2015, PDN Great Outdoors, San Francisco International Photography Exhibition, International Conservation Photography Award ( ICP), Critical Mass Finalist, Communication Arts Photography Awards, The Drawers at Blue Sky Gallery, The Center for Fine Art Photography, B&W Magazine Single Image & Portfolio and the front cover of the B&W’s 2014 and 2015 Contest Winners’ issues.

email: scott@scotthoyle.com
Web: www.scotthoyle.com


Dolores Kiriacon - USA

Artists Statement: My photographs are portraits/still lifes of nature’s forms, from flowers, dried
leaves, twigs, to the bark of trees in their various stages of growth and natural decline. I have become a collector of nature’s elements that have fallen to the ground and dried. Although I have no immediate plan when they are collected I place them on sheets of paper to be later assembled and photographed.

These collections are photographed indoors, placed on a reflective surface using natural light. There are times when I group several different objects together to create exciting compositions, but when certain objects are unique it is best to photograph them alone. I manipulate the compositions of forms to create interesting shapes of movement, color and texture, so that the viewer?s attention is drawn to the similarities or differences between the various elements.

What I am trying to do with these natural forms is to show their beauty in a new and different way. The camera brings out qualities that one cannot see with the naked eye. I am not interested in taking an exact representation, but more of an artistic impression and interpretation that I want to convey.

My photography reflects the way I see and feel about these natural forms that arouse my curiosity and imagination. Some elements become so dry and are transformed into the oddest shapes. The weirder and stranger something is, the more I tend to like it, I want to give it some gravitas. I am always looking for that “special something” in an image to entice the viewer’s imagination.

For this Black and White Photography theme my images are similar to what I have been photographing, but are now challenging the viewer’s point of view to what exactly they are looking at. One now has to ponder - I think I know what they are but why are they that way and what is happening?

email: doloreskiriacon@icloud.com
Web: www.doloreskiriacon.com


Amir Lavon - Israel

Artists Statement: Government hanging by a thread.
Economic occupation is occupation

email: amirlavon@hushmail.com
Web: www.lavont1.wix.com/streettime


Pete McCutchen - USA

Artists Statement: Black and white photography is about light and shadow, structure and form, texture and pattern -- but mostly it's drama. By its nature shooting in black and white abstracts a scene, throws it into sharp relief, highlights form and light. Most of these images were shot in places of a certain austere, even bleak beauty -- an Alaskan glacier, sand dunes, the American midwest in winter. Black and white brings out the true essence of these scenes, the drama and play of light. By shooting in black and white, I amplify and communicate what is already there, latent in each scene.

email: pete@petemccutchen.com
Web: www.petemccutchen.com


Amy Mendez - USA

Artists Statement: Ever since I was taught how to use a camera, photography has become an escape from everyday life. My inspiration comes from diverse photographers such as Francesca Woodman, Martin Stranka, Michael Quiet, and Lara Zankoul. I am constantly looking for ways to combine photography with media and looking for new perspectives.

email: amymendez64@yahoo.com


Selvy Ngantung - Indonesia

Artists Statement:

email: Selvy.Ngantung@yahoo.com


James Niven - Australia

Artists Statement: Born in Christchurch New Zealand & having lived in Suva Fiji, Los Angeles USA, Melbourne Australia, I now call Sydney home. Photography, personally, for me is about being present and in the moment, giving a clearer perspective of the world around me. It awakens my senses and provides artistic self expression.

email: jamesnivenart@gmail.com
Web: www.jamesnivenphotography.com


Nicholas Teetelli - USA

There is much beauty to behold in this world, moments that the eye captures, the wonders it sees... moments that should be committed to perpetual memory, but sadly only to become fragments of a faded recollection, or more often, simply forgotten. I draw inspiration to record these timeless and special moments, to capture them in my minds eye, and through my lens, transforming each image so that I can share them with others in hope they too may see what I see and find equal enjoyment.

email: nicholas@teetelli.com
Web: www.teetelli.com


Ivan Trotman - United Kingdom

Artists Statement:Ivan Trotman – May 2016

I love the ability to create pictures and produce images to reflect what I see. I try to capture the mood, the drama and the spirit of the places I visit and the people I meet. My camera is a constant companion and has travelled with me to many distant places including South America, Asia and the Himalayas. I am always looking for an opportunity to take a good photograph.

This picture was taken from within the tower of the Französischer Dom in Berlin. This famous historic building was badly damaged during World War 2 but extensively rebuilt between 1977-81. Visitors can climb to a balcony for a panoramic view of the city, but my opportunity was to look at the symmetry and elegance from the inside.

email: ivantrotman@gmail.com
Web: www.ivanphoto.co.uk


Lisbeth Vega - USA

Artists Statement: Eyes Look.Blink. A fleeting scene, and I continue walking yet, the moment lingers in my mind. I'm Unthinking.
The essence of the moment transmutes- its composition compels being captured, it needs permanence.
Beyond my conscious thought, I return and obey.


Most of my photographs come into being this way. An image that exists as a whisper during a brief second of existence, emboldens itself into being. Beauty, shadows, details, and composition intersect so perfectly that I hear divine creativity say, "You will regret not taking this picture right now, before anything changes." I have no choice. There is a greater drive beyond the presence of me, of the individual objects, and of the collective.

My purpose at this intersection is to make permanent the capricious nature of the mundane.

email: BonjourLaVie2014@gmail.com