Group Show "Drawing 2017"

Artists Statements

Andrew Lincoln Nelson (USA)

Artist Statement: ANDREW LINCOLN NELSON is an artist working in Tucson Arizona. His art explores biological complexity, otherworldly ecosystems and life in the distant future. Math, biology, robotics and artificial intelligence influence his work. His surrealistic graphite drawings depict unearthly plants animals and partially machine creatures roaming through alien landscapes, some of which are inspired by southwestern vistas. The images are drawn by hand (traditional drawing) with graphite pencil on Bristol board.

Andrew Nelson (USA)  Artists

email: alnelson@ieee.org
Artist Website: nelsonrobotics.org


Bojan Grozdanovic (ISerbia)

Artist Statement: My work goes well beyond creating an illusion for the eyes,it evokes emotions and ask questions.I think that art, in any form, is closely related to every aspect of today's social lifestyle. I believe that art should speak to us, teach us and enlighten us.
I like to express thoughts and emotions through drawing and painting. I often find inspiration in everyday objects that surround us. Also, the texture is very important in my artistic expression, it is a link to all my paintings and drawings.
In my art,Im trying to be unconventional and I dedicate attention to every detail in the paintings and drawings.

Bojan Grozdanovic Artists

email: bojanvisualartist@gmail.com
Artist Website: bojanvisualart.com


Binna Kim (USA)

Artist Statement:

Binna Kim (USA) Artists

email: binnari84@gmail.com
Artist Website: binnari84@gmail.com


Carol Scott (USA)

Artist Statement: The drawings in colored pencil on mat-board are part of the Crystal Series. The subject matter is traditional still life, which I believe continue to be relevant in contemporary art. I use the crystal objects to explore the nature of sight. To me, perception IS the sensory absorption into life.

Carol Scott (USA) Artist

email: q22052q@yahoo.com.tw
Artist Website: celesteprize.com/member/idu:96810


Dan Pyle (USA)

Artist Statement: I was born in Poland in 1980 and graduated from the University of Silesia with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2005.

I love shadows, contrast, anonymity and using negative space in my compositions. My goal is to capture timeless "fragments" of life in my work, whether it's the intricate lines of the human hand, or the delicate folds of a garment, they are drawn in detailed simplicity.

Dan Pyle (USA) Artist

email: danpyleartist@gmail.com
Artist Website: danpyleartist.com


Donna Newsom (USA)

Artist Statement: In 2010, I moved to Oklahoma to be near my aging parents, working various jobs from Muskogee to Tulsa.  In 2013, I rediscovered my love of drawing and painting and did a couple watercolor portraits for my friends at the office.  Now creating original drawings and paintings for people of dear family and beloved pets across the country has become my passion.  I am also able to contribute custom portraits to raise funds for pet rescues in Tulsa and other cities.

Tom David Artists

email: donna@dnewzdesign.com
Artist Website: dnewzdesign.com


Eva Drizhal (USA)

Artist Statement: Drawings from Nature... pen ink and acrylic on masonite.  Nature is my major inspiration.

Eva Drizhal (USA) Artist

email: patfigueiredocollages@gmail.com
Artist Website: evadrizhalart.com


George Alamidis (Australia)

Artist Statement:The series of digital drawings of empty nests submitted here, are part of a larger project. This project includes paintings, sculptures, prints, stencils and other works, and can be viewed at my website below.

Rob Forlani Paintings

email: alamidis@me.com
Artist Website: alamidis.com/specimens.html


Gustavo Ramos (USA)

Artist Statement: Very compelling, sensitive, filled with emotion, wonderfully soft was how renowned portrait painter Will Wilson described the work of Gustavo Ramos (b. 1993 Parana, Brazil). Ramos portraits explore the individuality and inner life of the subject. A slight downward glance, a subtle parting of the lips, or an inclination of the neck are observed carefully by the artist and recorded with profound sensitivity to reflect hidden feelings. Ramos awareness of these subtle physical indicators arises from his experiences as a Brazilian immigrant moving to the United States with no English fluency. For a while his understanding of others depended more on body language than words. This non-verbal period refined Ramos sensitivity to the subtleties of facial and other physical expressions, which now become the focus of his portraits.

Gustavo Ramos (USA)  Artist

email: gustavoramosart@gmail.com
Artist Website: gustavoramosart.com


Jakub Pasierkiewicz (UK)

Artist Statement: The main focus of my work is placed upon compilations of various pre-existing materials, which were collected from the surrounding environment and then given new significance in an image. By interrupting the natural processes of these materials, I take away their primary functions. When one process stops, another starts: by alternating, layering and arranging them together, I allow them to develop, almost like being reborn, gaining new implications within a new context. By adopting found fragments of paper and other materials I observe the metamorphosis which has taken place and either follow the initial motif/ structure/ form or by ignoring this imprint of nature I try to discover a new potential by introducing new mechanisms in order to develop a new integrity. The materials are treated here as a medium and a process rather than as a surface. Following Dadaists idea which says that everything is everywhere and conversely, I experiment with the medium to give the viewer impulses to find his or her own path to interpretation.

Jakub Pasierkiewicz (UK) Artist

email: iakupp@gmail.com
Artist Website: kubap.com


Jesse Lane (USA) "Grant Recipient Drawing 2017"

Artis Statement: I try to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary… to capture intimate moments and give glimpses of an inner world, suggesting a bit of mystery. Emotion wrapped into a single instant.

My stories are open-ended. I want the viewer to create those stories… and to feel the power and vulnerability of that instant. My aim is to ignite the imagination.

I love the precision of colored pencil. It can be as rich and nuanced as any other medium. My goal is to advance colored pencil in the world of fine art.

At best, I hope my work is both contemporary and timeless. If there's a theme, it's personal struggle. This struggle is universal, but also unique to each of us.

Jesse Lane (USA) Artist

email: jesse@jesselaneart.com
Artist Website: jesselaneart.com


Jo Barber (UK)

Artist Statement: Giacometti said "what made the difference between a dead man and a person was his gaze."  Where does the gaze reside and what is its power? Why does it compel the viewer to respond?  The subjects of my work seek to exert power with their gaze, to look back at and challenge the viewer, striving to achieve dominance and become the protagonist.

Jo Barber (UK) Artist

email: jobarber16@hotmail.co.uk
Artist Website: jobarber.com


Kevin Grass (USA)

Artist Statement: Ever since I first picked up a pencil I have been fascinated with realism. It does not seem possible that drawing materials can create the illusion of space, light, and form, and when it happens it seems like magic. Even after my many years of drawing I am still amazed when the transformation occurs.

Working with traditional subjects can be very satisfying, and I have completed numerous landscape and portrait drawings which I enjoyed, but I am much more interested in working with images that have narrative content. Designing narrative work is challenging and exciting. From the models and supporting elements to the setting, each piece is important to the narrative and must be carefully incorporated into the image for proper visual balance, emphasis, and clarity of message.

My favorite topic is contemporary life in America. Fashions are reflective of our culture and the models are real people, which makes the narrative more relatable to the contemporary viewer. Each piece is carefully crafted to evoke emotions in the viewer, transforming the drawing into a majestic mirror that reflects a tarnished reality. I want to give contemporary viewers a new perspective on their world and I want future generations to see what it is like to live in turn-of-the-century America.

My drawings are not artwork that just hangs on a wall to serve a decorative purpose ? they demand attention and promote lively discussion. Ultimately, I want to get people to think and talk to one another about important issues.

Kevin Grass (USA) Artist

email: fineartfan@hotmail.com

Artist Website: kevingrass.art


Lewis Isaac Testa (USA)

Artist Statement: This is a representation of my love for Native Americans.
Graphite and Charcoal.

Lewis Isaac Testa (USA) Artist

email: artfeedshunger@yahoo.com
Artist Website: artfeedshunger.com


Patti Bradeis (USA)

Artist Statement: As a proud Nonna, my first attempt at drawing was inspired by my granddaughter. The surprisingly pleasing result totally disintegrated the memory of humiliation I felt when my high school art teacher publicly criticized my art project! Thirty five years ago! I mentally thumbed my nose at the memory and a determination was borne to never cease seeking techniques to improve my drawing skills. AND I also continue to praise every childs creations as if they were Picassos!

Patti Bradeis (USA) Artist

email: belovedportraits@gmail.com
Artist Website: belovedportraitsbypatti.com


Seonju Townsend (USA)

Artist Statement: I am interested in all types of people, and what you can learn about them from their outward appearance. The body records a persons life as external expressions, like scars and wrinkles. It represents the persons living environment, habits and health status. This was especially true for the face, as it is the part of our body that reflects the best part of a person's individuality. It changes while continuing to live as an unfinished map of human life. Facial expressions are like a secret language that a person uses to both hide and show his or her true feelings. During conversations, expressions sometimes tell more than the words people use. By studying facial expressions, an observant person can understand something of hidden meanings and true feelings. Using this idea, I decided to focus on the faces of people for my paintings.

Seonju Townsend (USA) Artist

email: seonju12@gmail.com
Artist Website: seonjuart.com


Tracy Frein (USA)

Artist Statement:

Tracy Frein (USA) Artist

email: tracyfrein@gmail.com
Artist Website: tracyfrein.faso.com


Victoria General (USA)

Artist Statement: Toronto based contemporary charcoal artist. I capture regular every day people and moments with very quick, bold, expressionistic strokes; offering a sense of familiarity within the often unexplored urban environment. Thematically I tend to dwell on the emotional side of everyday life, with a repeated variation on universal human behaviours. There is a sense of fragility within our imperfections, and catching this can provide us with the opportunity for moments of clarity and connection wth one another. We all have a story to tell, no matter how seemingly insignificant; it is that story and our vulnerability I strive to catch.

Victoria General (USA) Artist

email: Victoria.general@yahoo.ca
Artist Website: saatchiart.com/victoriageneral


William Haney (USA)

Artist Statement:

William Haney (USA) Artist

email: wmhaney50@shu.edu
Artist Website:


Yashwant Kumar (India)

Artist Statement:

1)  Ganesha: In Hinduism, one of the best known as the God of beginnings at the start of ceremonies or any short of spiritual practices. Most iconic figure in Indian art has been represented with the head of an elephant. There are lots of explanation for how he got this elephant head. I never very fond of reading but listening mythological story from parents. This drawing is one of my bad days expression, when I was really feeling broken and empty from inside. No one out there to listen you and God have no eyes to see people mental fight. So, this was not out of my devotion, this was out of my depression.

2)   Narsingha: This I made just after the Ganesha drawing really didn't want to touch the colours those days. I didn't want to meet anyone in this universe and literally I wanted to do the same with the world what Narsingha did to the demon Hiranyakashyap.

Yashwant Kumar (India) Artist

email: yashwant.fd.nift@gmail.com
Artist Website: