Group Show "Dreams 2"


Matthew Bailey - (United States)

Artists Statement:

email: msb19742003@yahoo.com
Web: www.matthewbaileyart.com


Maja Borowicz - (Poland)

Artists Statement: As far as I remember my dreams are nightmare? about Earth, human and animals tragedy... It is always about saving someone, because of feelings, love, hope and longing... When I’m looking around real world, I discover that sometimes my nightmare became to reality: in catastrophes, wars and so on? So I try to capture the moment from my dreams to reality, in my surrealistic paintings. I try to tell the story about love, hope, longing - feelings which help us be better human, even if our nightmare became to reality.

email: maja.borowicz@gmail.com
Web: www.majaborowicz.com


Alain Brazeau - (Canada)

I like to paint, show my work evolves with time, I am the first surprised by the good result, otherwise why continue.

email: artbit@sympatico.ca
Web: www.alainbrazeau.com


Erik Brede - (Norway)

Artists Statement: Erik Brede is a photographer and Photoshop artist, born in 1971 in Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands, Norway. His photography jorney started when he, at the age of 11 discovered his fathers old Minolta camera and borrowed it, and his talent for composition and landscape was noticed right away by members of the local photoclub.

His interest for photography took on a completely different path when his father introduced him to the great magic of film development and post-production in his low budget darkroom. Even if the old analog darkroom is replaced by Photoshop and Lightroom, his vision and creative ideas are the same.

With a conceptual approach, Brede tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way to produce a link between the landscape?s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on concrete questions that determine our existence. His landscape and surreal work has been influenced by such artists as Ansel Adams and Rene Magritte, and his favorite quote is You don’t take a photograph, you make it. - Ansel Adams

His work have been sold to television company, record industries and collectors all over the world, and published in books like The Best of Photography 2014, The Best of Photography 2015 and International Contemporary Artist vol. X.

email: brede@live.com
Web: www.erikbrede.com


Conor Brennan - (Canada)

Artists Statement: Although I don't limit myself to any particular subject, most of my art is western in nature. I tend to create works that are of a close up, intimate view of the subject matter with as much detail as I can manage. This painting always had a dream-like quality about it and I thought it to be a good fit for "Dreams 2." I'm very appreciative to be included with amazing artists from around the world and thankful for the opportunity to showcase my art.

email: conor53@hotmail.com
Web: www.brennansfineart.com


Lucia Chocholackova - (Slovakia)

Artists Statement:

email: info@luccho.com


Xavier Even - (France)

Artists Statement: As an artist and as a shaman I find that dreams in our waking and sleeping states bring us towards a new perception of reality. They reveal to us the true nature of our inner world and of our universe. They are doors. Crossing time and boundaries is part of my way of seeing the world. That is why I love to paint with my iPad. It helps me to merge the possibilites of new technologies with the inspiration of traditions.

email: xavier.even@gmail.com
Web: www.conjuringspirit.com


Gregory Jordan - Australia

Artists Statement: “Finding colour and love in your life. With no colour you have no love within yourself, you are a shell, conformed and linear in society. Colour is love, it shines from inside out and has an impact on our emotions and the way we feel. We live in a world where at some point colour is lost and the affect upon us in everyday life and how people see us.”

email: gjordan888@bigpond.com


Gary James Lee - (United States)

Artist Statement: "Sound, Electricity & Contemplation is a grouping inspired by the artist’s role in society, culture, and the environment. It is an ethical commitment to positively use technology: respecting history, the future, and each other. Each canvass has a main figure which may be interpreted as mankind, the artist or someone else, who is surrounded by other characters both human and beast."

email: gary@garyjameslee.com
Web: www.garyjameslee.com


Lara Lenore - (United States)

Artists Statement: I create photographic composite imagery, often using sets, props, and costumes I create myself. This series was created as an exploration of the symbols that arise from dreaming and imagination, and represent aspects of my real experiences as seen through a symbolic lens.

email: Larenore@gmail.com
Web: www.lenorephoto.com


Jin Powell - (United States)

Artists Statement: My name is Jin Powell. I just finished my MFA Thesis Exhibition, the subject was these survivors were sex slaves from WWII, East Asia. These women called Comfort Women, they never get apology from Empire Japaneses Military during WWII. Their dream is Apology, but they never get.

email: jin.powell@mca.edu
Web: www.jinpowellart.com


Frantisek Rerucha - (Czech Republic)

Artists Statement:Dreams are entrance into another world. Always carry a certain sense, a certain message. These messages can be warning, instruction or encouragement. If we can understand this message, we can reveal various secrets or even avoid some inconveniences in our lives. The unconscious mind will always be trying to tell us something. This message is not easy and a person who meets it for the first time, may not understand. A person can this message accept or reject.

In the photo I used mainly blue and brown colors. The blue color reminds infinity heaven, bears inspiration and gives us a feeling of freedom. It symbolizes the spiritual world and mysticism. Brown is the color of earth, humility and asceticism, symbolizes motherhood, the need for security, warmth.

email: frantisek.rerucha@seznam.cz


Elisabeth Sekulic - (Brasil)

Artists Statement: Art is, for me, a constant and permanent search of chance, of happy coincidences, of shapes which reveal themselves almost spontaneously, of surprise, of the uncontrollable, of smoothness, the interaction of different ideas and materials, of learning, of experience, of harmony, of peace, of pleasure...

An infinite search for what one doesn’t know what he is looking for, yet, he feels its presence in every moment of life.

It is waking up and going to sleep believing that there is this something more unutterable to be reached in everything you do, even when you are aware that most of what you have to do is not understood as art..

It is an immense will of discovering things by myself, of breaking rules, overcoming my own limits, of building new truths, of making whatever it is come true.

It is, at the same time, fear and the wish of exposing my inner self, the needs of taking chances and looking for shelter, the loneliness and connection to the world.

It is, at last, the search of meaningfulness, even if the result in itself may not mean anything at all.

email: elisabeth.sekulic@gmail.com
Web: www.elisabethsekulic.com


Holly Siniscal - (United States)

Artists Statement: Portraiture allows me to connect and bring out the personalities in my
Subjects. Amplifying certain moments like the line-tangled texture of hair and the reflective qualities of light on skin. To create a hyper-real space of detail and fantasy. Collaborating with my subjects I exaggerate their individualistic qualities to portray a certain inner-emotionality, whether it be a quirky defiance or a dreamy melancholy.

email: hollyarts1@aol.com
Web: www.hollyarts1.com


Curt Slangal - (United States)

Artists Statement: Every second of every day, our beliefs, thoughts and feelings determine what we are and how we view ourselves. My work is a life-long process working through drawings, photos, objects, icons, nature, space, patterns, optics, deconstructing and reconstructing these elements... Creating print images that represent a modern day hieroglyphic narrative of everyday life. The outcomes are bold, colorful images with gestural movements of patterns that allow for freedom of interpretation; they are the state of absolute Truth, Love, Peace, and Bliss.

email: constantine88@att.net


Judith Visker - (United States)

Art for me is a necessity where nearly daily I express myself with paint on canvas. My work has a glimpse of structure with color and pattern giving my work its identifiable style.

email: viskersouth1@yahoo.com
Web: www.judithviskerart.com


Morgan Weissbach - (United States)

Artists Statement:

email: mweissbach@live.esu.edu


Kurosh Yahyai - (United States)

Artists Statement:It is my feeling that the immediacy and continual nature of social media is creating greater anxiety, compulsion, and fear within our society; and I am interested in exploring this in my work. The paintings, sculptures, and installations are an investigation into the anxious and existential nature of the human mind at the present. My intention is for the viewer to experience and have a visceral reaction to the work.

I want the light in my work to represent a manic state and the dark to represent a depressive state along with a sense of mystery. Further I want to set up a tension between the viewer and subjects in the paintings; a stage for intimacy and discomfort.

I am interested in creating a familiar/comfortable space that is also unsettling and alien for the viewer. The familiar/comfortable elements can be interpreted through the objects in the work referencing the home (couch, rug, mirror), while the surface treatments and manipulations of these elements can give an unknown feeling. I also see the home as a stage/setting representation of the human mind. It is the place where I find comfort and familiarity and yet can also be the place of self-reflection, confusion, and turmoil.

I continue to research the anxious and existential nature of the human mind to help visualize, portray, and make tangible the battle within the conscious and subconscious mind. And in a world that focuses on satisfying the more primitive and chaotic nature of the mind, where does the silver lining hide?

email: kuroshyahyai@gmail.com
Web: www.instagram.com/kurosh.yahyai