Group Show "Dreams 3"

Artist Statements

Dasha Alexandrov - (USA)

Artist Statement: These three images represent a bigger series of monotypes called The Dream Travels of cats. The figures of cats in this case act as guides into the Dream landscapes and visually - they are a unifying thread of the series. Some of these spaces I dreamed while asleep, and some I saw in a waking dream. If you are interested in the hole series you can see it on my website.

email: pomponchik@yahoo.com
Web: www.dashaalexandrov.com


Eric Amsellem - (USA)

Artist Statement: I am Eric Jacques Amsellem. I am a sculptor, a painter and also a digital artist. I bring you here an original work of art which illustrates my artistic commitment and which retraces the evolution of my observations and my painting. I represent here a world that lies between abstract and surrealism, between dream and reality I will demonstrate here that these different worlds can cohabit and offer a striking visual sensation. This particular technique bears the name of Chimeres.

It is a dream world that appears in an abstract form and that reveal itself to be an intertwining universe of surrealist characters to discover. Hoping that this direction will join the subject of your preselection.

email: starblazer66@gmail.com
Web: www.artsellstudio.com


Don Arday - (USA)

Artist Statement: Don Arday is a Professor in the School of Art at Rochester Institute of Technology. Don?s work is based on the perceptual effects of association and logic. They are concerned with the unraveling and/or building of recognizable patterns, and a search for meaning in perceptually discovered forms. The composition, surfaces, and elements within the image suggest possible identifiable, familiar human and animal traits, expressions, etc. The images call on each viewer to exercise his or her own set of visual beliefs. The number of elements and inconclusive suggestions for a viewer invite them to constantly reevaluate their perceptions to recognize new content. The process of creating the works involves an investigation into decision-making, connoisseurship, intuition and serendipity. All bear a central role as intangible influences on the effect of a completed work. Viewers are engaged in the process of forming images in an attempt to define their own parameters for the image. The complexity of elements within the images challenges the attention capacity of the viewer compelling them to engage in their own manner of perception, judgment, and discovery. The work is created using several raster and vector based software programs. All forms, textures, objects, and lighting effects are digitally produced.

email: aafakd@gmail.com
Web: www.magdalenacooney.net


Alexis Avlamis - (Greece)

Artist Statement: My main theme is the notion of Utopia, a vision for an ideal manifestation of the future. I explore the concept through the rendering of dreamscapes or landscapes of the mind that delve into the notion of Utopia in a topographic manner, leading to the creation of cosmographic maps.The creative process that I follow is largely subconscious. A substantial proportion of the process is realized prior to the actual initiation of each work, the central aim being reaching the subconscious or unconscious level that allows me to reach corners of my soul that remain in the shadow and then cast light on them.

On a first reading, the imagery seems complex and enigmatic, making oneself question if there is any meaning at all. But, meaning becomes secondary to a subtle, ambiguous and dreamlike arrangement of emotions and thoughts. The emphasis is given on biodiversity, as seen in nature as well as on an ongoing interest in the variety of life on earth. Dreams, the outer space, technology, aerial views, geometry, flora and fauna, repetition, obsession, rhythm, eastern and western art forms; they all feed my process.

In addition, reading mountain maps and hiking has greatly informed my work. Drawing trails, dotted lines, zig-zags, contours, beams and rays are recurring details and serve as connecting bridges in the composition.

The submitted paintings belong to my ?Cosmic Unity? series, which emerged from an intrinsic need to harmoniously unite the complexities of the world and the intricate forces that shape it. It is strongly characterized by a black background and various vector silhouettes. The use of black color as a background, emerged from an admiration for Kandinsky?s early works painted on a dark canvas, influenced by Bavaria?s local folk art. Another trigger was looking down into luminous nightscapes from a higher level, e.g a mountain peak. I sought to create a sense of drama, bringing bright colors to stand out, as seen in folk art and embroideries. Perhaps, the presence of black corresponds with eternal silence and darkness at the end of life. Going against it though, hope rises from within the canvas as bright light, as an instant flash reminiscent of a fabricated dream in constant motion and change.

My drive is to create a symbiosis between the various elements that appear on the canvas. The result is suggestive: a cluster of various microcosms inviting the viewer to explore both the parts of the whole as well as the sum of the parts.

email: aavlamis@gmail.com
Web: alexisavlamis.com


Patricia Bingham - (USA)

Artist Statement: Im an artist who employs several media juxtaposing disparate elements. My art asks What if? I want people to wonder about things. I want them to step out of their personal reality for a moment. Ive found that visual surprise is the perfect vehicle to shake up the quotidian.

email: bingham671@msn.com
Web: www.zoopsia.gallery


Margo Blackell - (Canada)

Artis Statement: I practice painting and I paint to practice. Images are more than their surface and that is why I like to delve behind the details, the calm spaces and the vibrant lights.

email: margoblackell@bell.net
Web: www.blackellart.ca


Maja Borowicz - (Poland)

Artist Statement: My paintings are my nightmare dreams ... I watch the world of the XX century and I see a lot of atrocities, wars, acts of terrorism. In my nightmares, amind fears, I try to find timeless values such as respect and protection for life, love, truth and good. By bringing my nightmares on the canvas, I want also to bring the message from my dreams to reality. The message about respect for life,love, truth and good.

email: info@majaborowicz.com
Web: www.majaborowicz.com


Harold Coego - (Canada)

Artist Statement: I believe there is an ancient internal call for an organic representation of our surroundings as a way to understand it. I use this as a tool to analyze a larger picture of our everyday events. This social comprehension shapes my artwork; images are representations of `reality` through an abstract cinematographic kaleidoscope. They are visible like music to the eye telling us a story---a twisted photocopy of ourselves, or perhaps more like a dream where something is always out of place.

email: coegohinfo@majaborowicz.comarold5@gmail.com


Tony Dagradi - (USA)

Artist Statement: For several years I have been exploring the compelling visual possibilities of altered books. Choosing vintage and antiquarian texts, I carefully cut through one page at a time to reveal existing images in a three dimensional collage or sculpture. The results allow the contents and imagery of long outdated material to be viewed in a manner that is both exciting and thought provoking.

As I begin a piece, I examine each book to get a feel for the content and, to a lesser degree, the placement of that content. Moving forward, I have several strategies which will allow me to expose images, ultimately bringing them together in a unified composition.

In my first method of choice, I seal the edges of the book and begin cutting page by page, removing everything but the images that appeal to me. This can be very exciting as I never know what will appear next or how it will compliment the piece as a whole. In my mind, it is very similar to improvising with a jazz ensemble. Inevitably, during every performance each player interjects his or her own commentary. No two performances are ever the same and everyone must react to what is happening at the moment. Similarly, as I cut through the pages of a book, I must react to whatever appears, choosing to keep or reject what presents itself. If continued to it?s logical conclusion, all of the material is exactly where it has always been, but now can be viewed in a totally different way.

Another approach I take is selecting images from a book and placing them as I please to more finely control the composition. From the viewer?s point of view, the end result is technically identical to that of the pure excavation process. Most of the pieces in my ?Jazz? series and ?Fantasy? series are assembled in this manner.

When a piece is completed, I coat exposed surface with an acrylic lacquer. This treatment adds a certain rigidity to the paper sculpture and serves to protect it from air and dust.

email: dagradi@cox.net
Web: www.tonydagradi.com/art


David Francis Drymala - (USA)

Artist Statement: The 3 moons represent dreams of unity in mind, spirit and body.

email: glandregan@yahoo.com
Artist Website: www.davidfrancisdrymala.com


Ellen Witsen Elias - (Netherlands)

Artis Statement: My paintings are a blend of the familiar and unfamiliar. They are figurative and focus on the use of colour. Ghostlike figures occupy poses in a relaxed and familiar family tableau. But their relationship to each other is not one of easy familiarity. Rather, a strange distance separates them or is implied through a quasi-transparent barrier. The implication is one of being isolated even in the most intimate of domestic settings. Hints of a closeness at great distance are of great importance in my paintings.

email: ellenwitsenelias@gmail.com
Web: www.saatchiart.com/witsenelias41


Wei Feng - (United States)

Artist Statement: An artist who finds beauties and lives in any objects.

email: weifengart@gmail.com
Web: www.weifeng-art.com/sketchbook


Michaela Gania - (USA)

Artist Statement: My work focuses on impacting the viewer in subtle ways. I have a fascination for juxtaposition and I feel that space, emptiness, or the stillness of something have the ability to speak loudly when given the proper stage.

email: mrose.gania@gmail.com


Michael Jantzen - (USA)

Artist Statement: Inventing A New Landscape is a series of photomontages that explore ways in which certain techniques can be used to create new and unexpected images. Photos were taken with a digital camera of some of my three dimensional sculptures. These photos were then placed into my computer where each of the objects was photographically isolated. The isolated objects were then placed into Photoshop where they were manipulated through various techniques, in order to create a new object, which usually varied greatly from the original. In some cases, other things were manipulated such as images of people and animals.

All of these altered images were placed into various kinds of existing landscapes where they contrast greatly with the known world. In most of the photomontages, a kind of alien landscape has been presented with the altered surreal objects juxtaposed to the normal landscapes.

My hope is that these new landscapes will function as inspiration in the minds of the viewers to create their own stories about what they mean.

Lisa McMahon - (United States) Fine Art Photograper

email: mjantzen@me.com
Web: archinect.com/michael-jantzen/projects


Gaetanne Lavoie - (USA)

Artist Statement:

email: gaetannelavoie@gmail.com
Web: www.gaetannelavoie.com


David Martsolf - (USA)

Artist Statement: My artwork is based primarily on dreams either in a sleeping state or in day dreams.

email: davidmartsolf@comcast.net
Web: www.davemartsolf.com


Peter Palfi - (USA)

Artist Statement: Palfi's practice is intentionally provocative dealing with issues that require certain self-assurance. In his sculptures/installations, Palfi builds unnerving narratives using animals, their remains as well as found objects that have to do with the ways that we store and preserve matter. His interest in the process of taxidermy and the exploration of ethics are also key elements of his practice. Palfi's research is dealing with the materiality of animals while creating scenarios where the finished piece evolves around questioning the viewer?s perception. These perceptions are questioned by facing the viewers with provocative query about the dilemmas around the hardline of ethics (such as materiality of the body after death and beauty) with the illusion of cruelty and humor in mind. He is exploring where the boarder line of ethics is, which seems to be not present. The ethics determined by many different factors, such as spices of animals, way of justification, surrounding environment and on the individual viewing it.

By going down this path, Palfi wants his work to become a lightning rod of existing questionable constructs, through the science of taxidermy, humor and the materiality of the skin.

email: palfi34@ufl.edu
Web: peterpalfi.com


Martin Raskovsky - (United Kingdom)

My work is characterised by dreamlike†other worldly natural landscapes. My images are fantasy-like but with a hint of realism that evokes a poetic, tantalising and intriguing response.

Artist Statement: My current interest is in the post capture creative process. It is a search for colours and forms that emanate from my inside, often completely unrelated to the original subject. Brush in hand, the journey of image transformation is an art form of its own. Colours and shapes are transformed again and again until the time when a solution emerges, sometimes with a tremendous eureka effect; almost orgasmic. The journey from photographic camera to canvas, my creative journey.

Bio: Since early childhood, photography has been in Dr. Martin Raskovsky heart. However, he is a computer scientist by profession, or was it perhaps the other way around? Until now he has refused to publish his photography. Just now, 2016 saw him coming out to an art gallery for the first time. From the early days in a dark room build in the bathroom of his parents home, to the present days of digital manipulation, Dr. Martin Raskovsky?s work has been characterised by imagination, surrealism and impressionism, his photographs are many times seen as paintings. In his own words, he goes to sleep with the photographic camera near at the bed side table, when a dreams comes, he uses it as a palette and brush to capture what is in his inside.

Dr. Martin Raskovsky is an eclectic artist with an incomparable and complex aesthetic touch. Dr. Raskovskys visionary journey and passion for photography was born very early and followed a stimulating and remarkable evolution that has resulted in thought provoking, intellectual and deeply evocative works of art. Dr. Raskovskys creative genius is in fact an outstanding innovation to photographic art: after centuries of technical and technological evolution, the progress of the optical instrument that revolutionized our lives seems to deserve a new dimension. Impressionist painters accelerated the gesture of their brush strokes in order to capture the ephemeral and immediate nuances of light, while Dr. Raskovsky carries out the process in reverse: he already owns reality and, with a unique and refined vision, he transforms photography into post-impressionistic masterpieces. Flowing waves and sinuous lines create a sense of movement that vibrates all the nuances of a wild and rampant nature. Dr. Raskovskys rich imagination is able to relieve the viewer from the dominant and accepted norms of photographic art and, as a consequence, he opens our minds.

Dr. Raskovsky is an exceptionally talented artist and photographer, with a forceful drive that erupts through all of his creations. This artist radiates beauty and has been gifted with the ability to translate emotions through a unique language of expressive art.

email: mail@martinr.com
Web: www.martinr-art.com


Sofia Rozaki - (Greece)

Artist Statement: "I'm afraid I cant explain myself, sir. Because I am not myself, you see", Was I the same when I got up this morning?

Is this a dream or is this a memory? The initial wish to forget eventually becomes a wish to remember. I need to recapture my own past in order to acquire a solid sense of self. In order to interpret the present, everyone needs the background story. But it so happens, that I keep losing pieces and the story doesn't make sense.

When painting I am free to reinvent my story. Art gives me the chance to explore, understand and reclaim my reality. Digging through the chaotic subconscious, images begin to emerge and take form and pieces finally start to come together. The story now can keep on going and that?s enough to keep me coming back to the studio day after day.

email: spiltsoik.art@gmail.com
Web: www.facebook.com/spil.tsoik


Rhonda M. Thomas Urdang - (USA)

Artist Statement: As a woman living in the Southwest, icons are a part of my daily life -- including letters of the alphabet, dialects, dreams, indigenous cultures, money, names, night music, numbers, and sacred sites. The revered sciences of antiquity were all chronicled in transcendent cryptograms which represent occult principles and form a kind of mysterious language. Ive incorporated the egg, a sacred symbol in the cosmology of the universe. The circle defined by a flat diameter signifies Mother Nature and her duality.

email: Rhonda.Urdang@yahoo.com
Web: www.FlagstaffFeministArtProject.com