Grant Recipients

Recipients of the “Christopher E. Burke Fine Art Grant", for excellence in the approach and quality in the visual arts. This grant is awarded as part of our exhibitions at Gallery 25N and is provided to visual artists worldwide

Dolores Kiriacon(USA) - "Grant Recipient - Moment in Time 2018"

Artist Statement:

As a fine artist with a background in painting, printmaking, and sculpture, I now use photography as a source of ideas and a tool to create. My photographs are portraits/still lifes of nature's forms, from flowers, dried leaves, twigs, the bark of trees, mushrooms and other natural elements in their various stages of growth and natural decline. I have been collecting and photographing these natural forms for quite some time and I am always looking for that special form of nature that inspires me. The camera brings out qualities that one cannot see with the naked eye. These photographs are taken indoors, using natural light and a reflective surface. When composing and taking these photographs the challenge is to create exciting and interesting compositions to entice the viewer to see these images in a new and different way. They created a new life of their own through the lens of my camera. I am not interested in taking an exact representation but more of an artistic impression and interpretation that I want to convey when one looks at the final image, allowing the viewer to appreciate them in their new beauty and transformation.

Dolores Kiriacon (USA) - "Fine Art Grant Recipient "

email: doloreskiriacon@icloud.com
Website: www.doloreskiriacon.com

Nicholas Zalevsky(USA) - "Grant Recipient - Open 2018"

Artist Statement:

I hate existential fears. My works hint on how to resist these fears. Maybe this experience will be useful for some of my spectators. And I believe in general that the mission (if it exists) of art is to prepare us to the rendezvous with eternity. We are immortal, are not we? And please: do not consider this a psychiatrist's diagnoses

Nicholas Zalevsky (USA) - "Fine Art Grant Recipient "

email: vzalev@gmail.com
Website: nick-zalevsky.com

Matthew Bailey(United States) - "Grant Recipient - Drawing 2018"

Artist Statement:

I live in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have a lovely supportive wife and two delightful daughters. I studied Commercial Art and Design in college, but ended up taking the fine art route instead. I like dogs. Some stylistic and thematic unity is starting to emerge in my work and I plan to augment that more and more as time goes on. At the moment, though, my work consists largely of stylistic and thematic exploration: high brow, low brow, colorful, monochromatic, beautiful, ugly, raw, refined, direct, vague, seductive, repulsive, serious, humorous, and much in between. My guiding precept, so far, has been (what I call) the why not? rule. When I encounter a possible course of action I don't ask myself why? instead - I ask myself why not? For me, the why not? rule embodies the very spirit of creativity. I am certainly going to endeavor towards a more unified body of work, but I will always try to keep the why not? rule close at hand. In my work I sometimes address issues of social justice, nonviolence, environmental concerns, etc. Sometimes I address these issues in a very direct way - while at other times I take a more oblique approach. Sometimes what I'm up to, though, is nothing more substantial than nonsensical fun and visual exploration. I work primarily in oil paint and graphite, but I'm also proficient in watercolor, colored pencil, casein, and acrylic. I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy making it.

Matthew Bailey (United States) - "Fine Art Grant Recipient "

email: msb19742003@yahoo.com
Website: https://matthewbaileyart.com

Jesse Lane (USA) - "Grant Recipient 2018

Artist Statement: I try to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary… to capture intimate moments and give glimpses of an inner world, suggesting a bit of mystery.  Emotion wrapped into a single instant.

My stories are open-ended.  I want the viewer to create those stories… and to feel the power and vulnerability of that instant.  My aim is to ignite the imagination.

I love the precision of colored pencil.  It can be as rich and nuanced as any other medium. My goal is to advance colored pencil in the world of fine art.

At best, I hope my work is both contemporary and timeless. If there's a theme, it's personal struggle.  This struggle is universal, but also unique to each of us.

Jesse Lane Award Winning Artist - 2018 Grant Recipiant

email: jesse@jesselaneart.com
Web: jesselaneart.com

Stefano Barattini (Italy) - "Grant Recipient 2017"

Artist Statement: Photographer Stefano Barattini, born in Milan in 1958, has focused his work on abandoned places for the past four years.

Like a modern explorer, he lets himself into deserted buildings and forsaken factories, run-down spaces that often echo with past and now forgotten luxuries. His goal? To create a photographic trace of the artistic and architectural heritage that is disappearing between demolitions, damages and intense renovations.

Stefano Barattini Award Winning Photographer

email: stefano.barattini@stefanobarattini.eu
Web: flickr.com/people/stefano_barattini

Kumi Hirose (USA) - "Grant Recipient 2017"

Artist Statement: My perspectives of arts is to express human events through paintings various emotions, thoughts, distress, anger, sadness and pleasure happening around me by deforming and restricting the chaotic world. My works of art are complex and mystical in a way, which come from my everyday existence that comprise dreams, imagination, memories and experience.

Painting pictures to me may be a way to escape from these realities and to get free from stress I feel.

My influences are people around me, friends, family and even acquaintances regardless
of racial background. Everyday interaction with others is very important to me because that is where i get inspiration from that includes ordinary and shocking things in life. I am very emotional and painting helps me everyday.

email: kumimi.art315@gmail.com
Web: kumi-hirose.com