G25N'S "Pure Abstraction 2"


Chris J. Blackwood - USA

Artists Statement: "In my work I seek connections. Connections between science and spirituality and connections to the history and traditions of painting are in all of my abstract constructs. I was trained in classical drawing and painting technique at the Rhode Island School of Design and I use those disciplines in my abstract work. I bring a deep science background to these constructs. I was a physics and chemistry major at Indiana University and I still write theoretical physics papers today.

I am attempting to explore work with fractals and quantum rules while still using traditional painting technique. I then work to bring a poetic and spiritual balance to the patterns to reflect the eternal harmony of one universal energy."

email: paintingsbychrisb@gmail.com
Web: www.ChrisJBlackwood.com


Kelly Blevins - Canada

Artists Statement: These reliefs came out of the wanderings of my soul and from exploring the depths of forgotten dreams. Looking for a place of peace and contentment, while needing a place of growth and freedom, I searched for clarity of vision.

The pressures of life made me feel like I was underwater; the weight of the water and the strength of the current overwhelmed me. Who was I? What is my purpose? Where is the joy in life? It was as if I had lost my identity.

Reflecting on this, I thought of the coral and anemones; the sea life that thrive under the weight of the ocean current. They carry a beauty that is unique; a rhythm of living energy that dances with the waves that give it life.

I wanted to be restored to ìdance with the waves that give lifeî. These reliefs are a meditation on breath and dance within the pressures of life. It is the process of putting aside stress and expectations to experience the present moment and to restore the beauty of enjoying life.

Fabric creates a rhythm with the folds with immediacy and grace of gesture. The undulating forms are sculpted in acrylic medium to reflect the current over the ocean floor. The feminine forms are soft yet firm, representing vulnerability, yet a strong inner strength. The layers of the color blue use the chromatic reference of the reef, while allowing the eye to follow the dance of the energy responding within the piece. A matte finish calls the viewer to look deeper.

email: kellysvoiceart@gmail.com
Web: www.kellysvoiceart.com


Giuseppe Cacciatore - Italy



Sharon Dar - USA

Artists Statement: "Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colors, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential." --Wassily Kandinsky.
I have been illustrating all my life, but when I began painting experimentally, I found a new beginning for my art. 
When I paint, I think about how the paint moves, about the colors, the shapes and the composition. I do not plan in advance. I start in an abstract manner and the painting "speaks" to me as it becomes fully formed. 

When people see my work, I would like them to appreciate the color mixes, to enjoy the complex whimsicall design and to feel the movement of the piece. Creating an abstract painting is a challenge and it is not easy. I put a lot of effort, thought and emotion in every stroke of my brush.

This is my mind and my soul. 
~Sharon Dar

email: darsharon@gmail.com


Michael Drolet - Canada

Artists Statement: The sculptural focus of my work is centered on the idea of balance. The expression of balance is done through simple forms that use hard lines to dictate space and add fragility to some of the most structurally sound of materials. This method of precariousness balance allows for structures that appear sturdy to be delicate and become structures of observation not of function.

The works themselves are free standing and do not use adhesives to maintain their upright composure but instead rely on the proper distribution of weight and synergy of elements within the structures themselves. The sculptures are focusing on providing the viewer with visual challenges and ultimately making them question the object in a way that conjures personal inquisition.

The idea of balance is a predominant theme in many aspects of life. It was my hope to draw attention to these processes and show that many independent objects can work together to produce a functioning whole; one that could not exist if even one element was missing.

email: michaeldroletartist@gmail.com
Web: www.michaeldrolet.ca


Robert Hoppin - USA

Artists Statement: My primary concern is what I call scientific expressionism. It combines an industrial aesthetic with visual interpretations of primal physical phenomena. My fascinations include the beauty of both mathematical and expressive interpretation of physical phenomena. Phenomena such as friction, pressure, velocity, light, vibration, acceleration, centrifugal force, potential energy, kinetic energy, shear forces, implosion, tension forces, torque, electrical forces and fields, magnetic forces and fields, chaotic flow, turbulence and disintegration are among the sources of inspiration.

email: rhoppin@mac.com
Web: www.nova-cybosa.com


Arthur Jacob - USA

Artists Statement: My canvas begins as a photograph and the mouse as my brush. From this beginning, my excitement and creative focus is not on the actual identity of the subject, but through digital manipulation, the focus is on exploring and bringing to the forefront the shapes, bright and bold colors, and the movement hidden in the object(s) of the photograph. The steps I take to achieve this focus are not recorded so each work is unique; or you could say, this allows for me to take a new journey of discovery with each work. Even when my works are more representational, there is a strong focus on shapes, bright and bold colors and movement. Ultimately, I hope to create an image that is a powerful connection and expression between myself and the observer.

email: aj@arthur-jacob.com
Web: www.arthur-jacob.com


Michael Kesselman - USA

Artists Statement: Michael Kesselman is a San Francisco-based artist whose sculptures portray common objects in unexpected forms that are surprising, intelligent, beautiful and humorous.

email: kesselman@sanbrunocable.com
Web: www.MichaelKesselman.com


Guntis Lauzums- USA

Artist Statement: My photographic compositions use color, form and line whcih may exist with a bit of independence from visual refernces in the world

email: amberha@yahoo.com
Web: www.copamilwaukee.com


Gary J. Lee - USA

Artists Statement:Gary James Lee (born 1971) studied fine art at the University of Toronto and Ontario College of Art and Design. Originally focusing on portrait painting, Gary's work has become more abstract and expressionistic based upon his travels and life. After living in Paris, the Netherlands and the along the west coast of the USA, the Canadian native now lives and works amongst the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Energy is pushed through the brushes in wild and hypnotic strokes. Painting throughout the seasons, each piece represents a period, a place and a collection of moments. The world around is dynamic and swirling. A beauty that cannot be harnessed, only recreated and transformed into a new, different aesthetic triumph.

email: gary@garyjameslee.com
Web: www.garyjameslee.com


Ryota Matsumoto - Japan

Artists Statement: The artworks of Ryota Matsumoto develop and demonstrate the spatio-temporal conditions of our ever-evolving urban and ecological environments. They are created to act as the catalyst for defining speculative changes in notions of cities, socities and cultures. Essentially, the work facilitates a reciprocal dialogue among those multifaceted realms in the morphological nature of constantly shifting topography and geology.

The drawings explore the hybrid drawing techniques combining both architectural
and visual art languages. The varying scale, juxtaposition of different forms, intertwined textures/tones and visual metamorphosis are employed as the hybrid/multi-layered drawing processes to question the nature of representation. The application of these techniques allows the work to transcend boundaries between analogue and digital as well as between two- and multi-dimensional domains.

email: motoryo397rm27@yahoo.co.jp
Web: www.ryotamatsumotostudio.blogspot.com


David Mejia - El Salvador

Artists Statement: My art is not based only on a topic or specific technique; it represents my interpretation of my surroundings thru exploration of various media. In my abstracts, I choose topics that tend to show the harm and hurt experienced by humans, not only physically, but also to their soul and spirit. My greatest inspiration is painting children, their sadness and melancholy, their broken dreams, and aspirations limited by their less than ideal surroundings. When I paint, I tend to lean towards the use of blue hues, as in many cultures the color blue is associated with the heavens and the oceans, representing the human capacity to dream. The children represented in my art, are the faces of those who live near the volcano, walking long distances in the early morning hours, to go help their parents in farming, planting and harvesting flowers, fruits, and vegetables to be sold in the markets of San Salvador. Those little faces get etched in my memory, and then transferred to canvas once I immerse myself in my work, in the solitude and serenity of my studio.

email: janet@ugpromo.com
Web: www.DavidMejiaFineArt.com


Claudia Moody Jones - USA

Artists Statement: My art is my visual interpretation of my world. My world is color, shape, line, dimension and texture. I dont always see the world as it is but as it appears to me through my minds eye. My inspiration comes from nature, words, sounds, emotions and cultural influences. I create art because it makes me happy.

email: tangelloart@gmail.com
Web: www.claudia-moody-jones.com


Zizelda Moreira - USA

Artists Statement: My work is about metamorphosis, serenity, and the transformative power of nature. Growing up on a small farm in Brazil, I was energized by the natural world around me: the constancy of the stars, the cyclical phases of the moon, and the perpetual flux of weather. Sometimes I would dream about other worlds and, envisioning them, I would allow my spirit to visit them. The natural world should not frighten us or make us feel insignificant?it should empower us, as a breathtaking latticework of life that includes ourselves; it should invigorate us, as a vast treasury of forms and beauty; and it should calm us, as it shifts and morphs to find equilibrium and balance. Two themes that have captivated me lately are butterflies and angels. To me, butterflies are a symbol of transfiguration?I?ve always been preoccupied with the joyful possibility inherent in new beginnings, and this has become even more pronounced in my work since my move to the United States three years ago. Angels represent a sense of peace and tranquility, as spirits that watch over and protect us wherever we are. My spirit guides my hand as I paint, and I hope that when people view my artwork it will heal their souls and lift their spirits to another level of existence, free of pain, sorrow, and fear. My art is for anyone who has suffered greatly in the past, especially women who have endured oppression and violence. Artists can?t change the world, but if my art can change even one mind and soul it?s a beginning a metamorphosis.

email: zimoreira@ymail.com
Web: www.zimoreira.com


Deanna Persson - USA

Artists Statement: I approach my artwork with excitement. Each piece of work offers new challenges for problem solving and exploration. As an abstract artist, I do not have a preconceived image or know exactly where my journey will take me. I look at the clean white surface , choose a paint for the under color and the experience begins.

Being a chronologically mature artist, allows me to bring many life experiences to the easel. I find that I become personally involved with each of the works and smile to my self as I see the influences that have shaped what I do ñ whether it is because of living in the north woods, having lived in and loved Chicago or because of the many wonderful artists I have studied with and known that have expanded by skills and problem solving approaches or just having survived life in general and learned along the way.

Much of my work is done on deep square surfaces ranging in size from 5î X 5î to 36î X 36î. I find the square shape to be nurturing and representational of a ësoulí ñ confined but complex. Many of my pieces of art include found objects and the mixture of many media to accomplish the completion of the painting.

email: persson3@cheqnet.net
Web: www.deannapersson.com


Andrzej Rachon - Poland

email: art.rachon@gmail.com
Web: www.instagram.com/pastel_point


Diego Tirigall - Argentina

Artists Statement: I am Diego TIrigall, an artist living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work on a variety of media: digital paintings, reclaimed wood, drip painting. My choice of subject comes from a place of intuition and is fuelled by an impetuous desire to partake in the stories that unfold around me.

email: art@diegotirigall.com
Web: www.diegotirigall.com