Group Show "RED 2017"

Artists Statements

René Alvarado (USA)

Artist Statement: I like to paint.

Rene Alvarado Artist

email: rea@renealvaradostudio.com
Artist Website: renealvaradofineart.com


Stefano Barattini (Italy) "Grant Recipient RED 2017"

Artist Statement:

Stefano Barattini Photographer

email: stefano.barattini@stefanobarattini.eu
Artist Website:


Taylor Bielecki (USA)

Artist Statement: Whether it be through the precious pearls and colorful glints of the water raging toward us or the warmth of that spectacular light that glimmers from the gloss off of a finely painted carousel horse, I turn the average painting into a window open into a world where beauty is in the audiences, grotesque realizations of what they are witnessing. Taking inspiration from artists such as Robert Yarber, Otto Dix, and Max Beckmann, by JG Ballard's and David Goodis' novels, David Lynch's and Werner Herzog's films, Sigmund Freud's the Uncanny, and Gaston Bachelard's the Poetics of Space, I seek to illustrate the manufactured reality that the carnival offers. A moment of elation and peace, where the carousel controls our directions. All of these blurry figures and colorful lights captivate you, and you wonder what lies beyond those carnival gates, only to find that disaster awaits. I want my works to help viewers discover what lies beyond that horizon line, hoping that there is something better outside of city limits and away from the dystopian future I fear we are treading in the midst of.

Taylor Bielecki Artist

email: taylor.bielecki88@gmail.com
Artist Website: tbdesignsart.carbonmade.com


Lynn Chen (Taiwan)

Artist Statement: Butterfly Attracted by Flowers; Flowers blooming so as to butterflies coming, as well as, love and to be loved, it is the nature that never changes.

Lynn Chen Artist

email: q22052q@yahoo.com.tw
Artist Website: celesteprize.com/member/idu:96810


Jana Curcio (USA)

Artist Statement: It wasn't until my daughter's freshman year in high school this year that I realized we shared a common bond with depression. Hers is growing into a much bigger battle than I ever imagined. With the "highs", the inevitable "lows", anxiety and the frequent "triggers", I found myself needing an outlet through which I could visually explore her thoughts, drawings and sometimes very angry words. They have become a great tool and she has helped me see outside of myself and into a struggle which consumes so many people. The Circus is a 20 image series. I will only be submitting a portion. It is my attempt to bring a visual picture of the many ways we as humans learn to cope and sometime fail to cope with our thoughts, loneliness, depression, fears and flaws. I am learning that this struggle is a revolving parade, a carousel of emotions and masks we all experience. My other entries revolve around the role women play and the masks we wear to please or hide behind.

Jana Curcio Artist

email: janacurcio@gmail.com
Artist Website:


Tom David (USA)

Artist Statement:

Tom David Artists

email: twdavid@consolidated.net
Artist Website: tom-david.net


Patricia Figueiredo (Brazil)

Artist Statement: I tear, I split, I separate.
Down the middle, at the seams.
Sometimes it has a surgical precision to it, sometimes it is merely happenstance.
The thing is, the eyes cannot be trusted, for all that light makes is never the same for long.
So I bind my perceptions together, picture by picture, hoping to capture the ever fleeting continuum of myself.
That urgency gifts me closure and acceptance, and eyes I can finally seem to trust.
At least until the next canvas.

Patricia Figueiredo  Artist

email: patfigueiredocollages@gmail.com
Artist Website: patriciafigueiredo.wix.com/art-of-patfigueiredo


Rob Forlani (Australia)

Artist Statement: I'm in a sense an improvisational artist, improvising a real life situation into Art.

When asked where I sit in the art world I would say that I have become known for bold
application of colour and texture in my work. I attempt the use of symbolism to mark my marks on the canvas as a starting point, which for me is crucial.

This then guides my brush strokes into abstract pieces. Every piece has a meaning as I try to precipitate events in the real world into more of a concrete circumstance, a kind of Abstract Realism if such a thing exists.
This is my method.-Rob Forlani

Rob Forlani Paintings

email: robforlani@gmail.com
Artist Website: robforlani.com


William Haney (USA)

Artist Statement: "I have always been attracted to the anatomies of humans, animals, machines and biological habitats. When I draw, it is first highly analytical with the purpose of dissecting the underlying architectures that gives objects their form. During this analytical process I fall upon intriguing patterns in formation design. Manipulating the shapes of areoles, spines, molecules, linchpins, cogs and intercellular scaffolds the image becomes increasingly metaphorical. My creative challenge is to use these new found visual metaphors in creating a meaningful choreography with kinematic movement. If I am successful in my assembly, the viewer becomes curious about the metamorphosis before them and becomes a welcomed engaged participant."

email: wmhaney50@gmail.com
Artist Website:


Jonathan Harkham (USA)

Artist Statement: Growing up in Los Angles I try to make paintings / drawings that reflect the light and the texture of the world within the city.I focus primarily on painting and drawing direct from life whenever possible as he space and forms build the composition of the work. Much of the emotional content is a byproduct of this method of working, a result of the mechanics of seeing I employ in the process of making the work.

Jonathan Harkham Artist

email: jtharkham@gmail.com
Artist Website:


Joan Jardine (USA)

Artis Statement: This year I am at the rich old age of 82. I am proud of my age and wear it like a badge of honor.

For the past 20 plus years, I have a dedicated work ethic regarding my art, and know that I am still growing, learning and working hard at my craft.

One thing I know, one cannot be an island and although I work alone in my studio, I have a amazing group of people encouraging and backing me.

Joan Jardine Paintings

email: joanjardine@mac.com
Artist Website: joanjardineart.com


Jake Lee (Canada)

Artist Statement: South Korean artist, Jake Lee, has stepped into creating his own dreamy dimensions of surrealism through collages. By carefully dissecting magazine images and illustrations, reminiscent of the 1950s, Lee has altered his perception of reality by escaping the rigid formality of our existence.

A manifestation of his own dreams and thoughts, Lee questions the theoretical constructs of lifes philosophy by correlating each artwork from his social, political, and environmental experiences.

Appearing to work with opposites (warm and cool, calm and chaos), Lee interrogates the boundary between disarray and harmony, accompanied by vivid forms assisting in the making of dreamlike world, incomprehensible to be seen in reality yet redolent of our own environment.

Jake Lee Artist

email: astranotlee@gmail.com
Artist Website: kdotclee.com


Stephanie Kilgast (France)

Artist Statement: My work is an ode to life, where plants and fungi meet insects, animals and minerals.

These encounters are growing in a colorful swirl of diversity, and the erratic growth develops on found objects, in a dialogue between humanity and nature.

A balance appears between the object and the growth, a hope of mutual understanding and respect.
Humanity should neither die nor be condemned.

Science, art and abstract thinking make human life worth saving. Humanity is a part of nature.

It is time to re-think an equilibrium between our activities, and our desire to thrive intellectually and culturally, without completely destroying our very home.

Stephanie Kilgast Artist

email: sk@petitplat.fr
Artist Website: petitplat.fr


Paul Licman (Czech Republic)

Artist Statement:

Paul Licman Fine Art Photograper

email: develop.licman@seznam.cz
Artist Website: licmanpavel.cz


Zeinu Mudeser (USA)

Artist Statement: I usually start painting anywhere on the canvas, I hardly comprehending the process. Instead of using paint to carry out a visual idea, I get thrilled to discover the visual idea through the process of creating it. At first glance, my painting appears simply colorful abstraction, but once the viewer explores the work, the sense reveals deeper images as the layers unfold. The driving force behind the creative process is symphonic music (classical music). Its melody and rhythm, escort me all the way to the last touch. I use oil and acrylic paint medium on canvas, panel and paper surfaces. "The combination of music and art inspire me to feel and see the color cycle of day and night... the four seasons, the rise and fall of tides."
I love Painting!

Zeinu Mudeser's Paintings

email: zmudeser@yahoo.com
Artist Website: artistzeinu.com


Susan Perrish (USA)

Artist Statement:

Susan Perrish Paintings

email: suepermail@gmail.com
Artist Website: susanperrish.com


John Powell (USA)

Artist Statement: The creation of art is unpredictable like our live - the things we will experience as human being often reminds us that we are in a constant flux of change as time goes by. Our journey through life has such an influence on our thoughts and perceptions - on the ideas we hold of value as artists, We react - in a conscious or unconscious way.

As an artist, sculptor, my art is a mirror of my thoughts - a reflection, an outward manifestation of my ideas and ideology. Whether I am working with wood, metals or stone, the materials are manipulated and formed to the rhythm of my life in the moment, piece by piece. The patinas and finishing techniques accentuate not only certain details of the art, but also of my journey while making that art. In the end, regardless of the nature of the experience, I end with something of beauty, a work that reflects itself, that captures a part of my being - my artist life.

In reflection, the Chinese poet DuFu reminds us If there is light in the soul, there is beauty in the man and his work.

John Powell artists

email: 2jsstudio@att.net
Artist Website: johnwilliampowellartist.com


Nicolas Raymond (USA)

Artist Statement: Passionate about photography & the visual arts since 2005, always looking for the next flash of inspiration. Starting with a compulsion to change directions after obtaining a bachelors degree in economics, and a love for travel across the world, I am constantly driven to explore new places & ideas with a childlike sense of wonder.

Nicolas Raymond Photography

email: somadjinn@gmail.com
Artist Website: boldfrontiers.com


Jason Reed (USA)

Artist Statement: Jason's paintings are primarily done on wood panels, leaving the wood itself as an important part of the work. "Working on wood lets the natural beauty, texture and grain be as much of the piece as what I add to it. These are collaborations with mother nature really. Half the work is done before I even start."

Using a combination of mediums such as stain, acrylic paint, marker and varnish, Reed assembles his works unplanned. "The works all have an entry and exit point. They are part of a bigger picture. As my mind races to figure out what lies beyond the edges of my canvas, my hands prepare what I can see before me. I leave the viewer to figure out the rest".

Jason Reed Artist

email: startdetroit@gmail.com
Artist Website:


Wayne Roth (USA)

Artist Statement: The digital era has allowed me to amplify my own efforts in translating ideas into reality, and dreams into art.

My art speaks of now. I embrace this same digital technology and use it to transform my creative ideas into the art that I imagine and feel emotionly. The work is fed relentlessly by the dynamic energy around me and is a mirror of our time.

Though my pieces are truly abstract, they are expressive abstractions whose images evoke many states of mind from violence to love, dreaminess to reality, and dark to light. My objective is to first create compelling art that is accessible and reflects the world we inhabit. I want my viewers to feel the same excitment that I feel living in this exciting and dynamic time.

Wayne Roth Digital Artists

email: wayne@wcroth.com
Artist Website: wcroth.com